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With the development of economy, environmental problems occurred frequently. Industrial waste water, land desertification, household waste, industrial waste gas, acid rain, oil spills, noise, and radioactive pollution lead to destruction of ecological environment system, and even threaten the human food supply and survival environment. Environmental monitoring is the eye of environmental protection. With experienced professionals and advanced testing equipment, CTT offers you reliable one-stop environmental monitoring service. The testing data is accurate, reliable and has the force of law. The Scope of Business of CTT Environment  testing:

CTT set up professional environmental testing laboratory covering five fields (air, water, noise, soil and solid waste), providing customers with environmental monitoring of the  system, environmental assessment, environment monitoring of indoor air, OHSAS 18000 environmental testing and other services.

·Water testing·Ambient air and industry exhaust gas testing

·Oil and gas recovery testing

·Public health inspection and evaluation·Noise testing

·Radiation testing

·Soil testing

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