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Materials and articles that are intended to be brought into contact with food or already in contact with food or intended for that purpose, are called Food contact materials (FCM). Food contact materials can reasonably be expected to be brought into contact with food or to transfer their constituents to food under normal or foreseeable conditions of use. Products include all kinds of food packaging, tableware, kitchenware, processing equipment, but also for the binder, printing ink stains and other auxiliary materials.

Lots of regions & countries such as Europe, USA, China, Japan have made great stringent regulations regarding food contact materials. CTT has always been keen on the development of these regulations. We are not only specializing in testing, but also in providing the latest information, inquiry and training on the environmental laws. We are trying our best to help our customers to cut down cost and improve productivity. With advanced technology, we are pleasured to provide you with the following services on FCMs:

·USA– Regulation/law

·EU – Regulation/law
·GER– Regulation/law

·CHN – Regulation/law

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