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Electronic and electrical products certification has become the market access threshold for sales of countries and regions, the products through the certification are not only easy to obtain the favor of consumers, but also can ensure that without market risk for the safety and reliability of the products, and to avoid catastrophic punishment due to unlicensed production and sales, so the product certification is the task had to face for each factory;CTT has experienced technical team and cooperative institution, can provide economical and efficient electrical and electronic products certification services to ensure your product meet your target market and buyers' requirements.

Product  certifiction service


Certification type

Certificate  mode

Product  sample

Brief  description



Self-control/ODM/OEM certification

Total 22 categories covering Household  appliances, lamps, IT, AV/TVo, toys, telecommunications erminals, security technology productsetc.

China Compulsory Product Certification


Self-control/ODM/OEM certification

More  than 160 categories covering household appliances accessories, lighting  appliances accessories, electronicproducts and components etc.

Voluntary  certification of China Quality Certification Center



Bluetooth, WIFI and other wireless remote control products

The  approval and certification of radio models shall be compulsory certification  requirements of the National Radio Regulatory Commission

European Union


VOC mode: Domestic inspection agency report +  agency certificate COC moe: Domestic inspection agency report + EU-type certificate from notify bodies of  European Union

Eelectronic  and electrical products in the voltage range 50V to 1000V AC and 75V to 1500V  DC

EU compulsory safety certification mark, LVD means low voltage directive


All  product that live and electronic circuits

EU  compulsory safety certification mark, EMC means electromagnetic compatibility  directive


Bluetooth, WIFI and other wireless remote control products

EU  compulsory safety certification mark, RED means radio equipment directive


Toy products reserved for children under 14 years of age

EU  compulsory safety certification mark, TSD means toys safety directive

North America



Electrical, mechanical or electromechanical products

A  voluntary safety certification of American, but with sky-high recognition in  the United States, the full name is American Electronics Testing Laboratory, referred to as the letter "C" at the lowerleft quarter and the lower right corner US of ETL mark, means that canada and US are all applicable


VOC: FCC accredited laboratory testing and certification, most products belong to this category, such as ordinary household appliances, AV products etc.

All  electronic and electrical productsexcept as stipulated in the exemption  clause

A  compulsory certification for electromagnetic compatibility from the Federal Communications Commission B24:J36

DOC: FCC designated laboratory  testing and certification, mainly for computer peripheral data equipment

ID: FCC accredited laboratory testing, TCB laboratory certification, mainly for wireless products


VOC:  for analog devices and digital devices

All  electronic and electrical products(except as stipulated in the exemption clause)

Industry  Canada is responsible for the certification of electromagnetic compatibility for imported electronic products

ID: for radio frequency equipment


Such  as CB certification, GS certification, C-TICK certification, CEC  certification, ES certification and so on

Entrusted test Service



Test  introduction

Quality testing for routine safety

IT:GB 4943
Household appliances:
GB 4706
Lamp: GB 7000
AV/TV: GB 8898

Such  as quality inspection reports required by Tmall and Jingdong, spot checks  and other reports

Laser product of toys testing

EN 60825

For  electric toys with lasers

LED Photobiological Safety

EN 62471

For  LED light source products

Optical performance

IESNA LM-79/80 or GB/T 9468; GB/T 7922

Luminous flux, color rendering index, color  temperature and other performance indexes

Electromagnetic compatibility testing

It depends on the product

Such as conduction, radiation, harmonic, voltage  flicker and fall, static electricity, surge, radio frequency and so on

IP grade

EN 60529  or GB 4208 or IEC 60529

Dust  proof and waterproof grade of housing


Such as 2013/56/EU directive, EN 62133 and so on

Chemical, safety, performance, Endurance, etc


Individual, multinomial, and overall tests in  accordance with the standards of the major electronic products

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