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There are many types of household chemicals. If the product quality is not up to standard within some harmful substances, will unwittingly cause chronic harm to human health.With a professional team of household chemical testing technology and industry-leading advantage in laboratory service experience, CTT could provide test service of physiochemical indexes, physical properties, microbial indexes, prohibited substances, heavy metal residues, antibacterial and antimicrobial effect of household chemicals according to GB standard.

Product Range

Personal care products: Hand sanitizer, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body wash, toothpaste, Florida water etc.

Detergent: Dishwashing liquid, Laundry detergent, Washing powder, Kitchen grease cleaner, Floor cleaner etc.

Disinfectant: Chlorine-containing disinfectant, Ethanol disinfectant, Quaternary ammonium disinfectant etc.

Insecticides: Mosquito coil, Gel bait, Insecticide aerosol, Aerosol air freshener etc.

The Main Testing Items

[Sensory Index] Packaging appearance, Soap body appearance, Color, Odor etc.

[Physical Performance] Stability (heat and cold resistance), Foam test, Cleaning and stain removals, Diaphaneity, Dry soap content etc.

[Physical and Chemical] Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Arsenic, pH, Methanol, Formaldehyde, Diethyleneglycol, Total Eff ective Matter, Total phosphoricanhydride, Free Alkali Content, Moisture content, Fatty acid composition, Water and Volatile etc.

[Microbiological] Total number of bacteria, Fecal coliforms, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, Bacillus subtilis var etc.


GB/T 34855 Hand  cleaner

GB/T 26373  Hygienic requirements for alcohol-based disinfectant

GB 19877.1  Special hand cleaner

GB/T 26369Hygienic requirements for quaternary  ammonium disinfectant

GB/T 34857 Bath  agents and shower agents

GB/T 27947  Hygienic requirements for phenol disinfectant

GB 19877.2  Special bath agents and shower agents

GB/T 26367  Hygienic requirements for biguanides disinfectant

GB/T 29679 Hair  shampoo, cream shampoo

GB/T 26371  Hygienic requirements for peroxide disinfectant

QB/T 1975 Hair  conditioner

GB/T 36758Hygienic requirements for disinfectant with  chlorine

QB/T 2945 Oral  rinses

GB/T 26370  Hygienic requirements for disinfectant containing bromine

GB/T 8372  Toothpaste

GB/T 26368  Hygienic requirements for iodine disinfectant

QB/T 1858.1  Florida water

GB/T 26366  Hygienic requirements for chlorine dioxide disinfectant

QB/T 2485 Toilet  soaps

GB/T 26372  Hygienic requirements for glutaraldehyde disinfectant

GB 19877.3 Special  toilet soaps

GB 27948 General  requirements for air disinfectant

QB/T 1913  Transparent soaps

GB 27950 General  requirements for hand disinfectant

QB/T 2116  Laundry paste

GB 27951 General  requirements for skin disinfectant

QB/T 2486  Laundry bar soap

GB 27952 General  requirements for ordinary objects surface disinfectant

QB/T 2487  Compound laundry bar soap

GB 27954 General  requirements for disinfectant of mucous membrane

QB/T 2387  Laundry soap powder

GB 14930.2  National Food Safety Standard - disinfectant

GB/T 13171.1  Laundry powders (phosphorous)

GB 15979  Hygienic standard for disposable sanitary products

GB/T 13171.2  Laundry powders (phosphate free)

HG/T 2496  Bleaching powder

QB/T 1224 Liquid  detergent for fabric

HG/T 2497  Bleaching solution

QB/T 4535 Fabric  softening agent

GB/T 19104  Pracetic acid solution

GB 14930.1  National Food Safety Standard - Dertergents

QB/T 4310 Oxygen  bleach

GB/T 9985  Dertergents for hand dishwashing

QB/T 4311  Chlorine bleach

GB/T 24691  Cleaning agent for fruit and vegetable

GB/T 10666  Calcium hypochlorite

QB/T 4348  Cleaner for kitchen stains & grease

GB/T 18416  Domestic sanitary insecticide – Mosquito coils

GB/T 21241  Toilet bowl and ceramic tile cleansers

GB/T 18417  Domestic sanitary insecticide –Electrothermal vaporizing mats

QB/T 4524  Cleaning & Conditioning shampoo for pets

GB/T 18418  Domestic sanitary insecticide – Electrothermal vaporizing liquid

QB/T 4086 Glass  cleaner

GB/T 18419  Domestic sanitary insecticide – Aersols

QB/T 4532 Hard  floor cleaner

QB 2548 Aerosol  air freshener



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